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Hypertext Markup Language Course Version 5.0

Hypertext Markup Language Course Version 5.0
HTML5 Introduction : Introduction and Advantages of HTML 5 : First HTML5 Document :List of HTML 4.01 elements removed from HTML5
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HTML 5 Global Attributes  Displaying a Search Input Field  Contact Information Input Fields  Utilizing Date and Time Input Fields  Number Inputs  Selecting from a Range of Numbers  Selecting Colors  Creating an Editable Drop-Down  Requiring a Form Field  Autofocusing a Form Field  Displaying Placeholder Text  Disabling Autocomplete  Restricting Values
What Is a Canvas?  Canvas Coordinates  Registering the Canvas dimensions  Drawing on Canvas with paths, curves etc.  Working with Solid colors, Gradients & Transparency  Importing External Images & Setting the background  Working with Color & Geometrical transformations  Creating graphs & charts Working with Text  Animating a Vertical Bar-Chart  Fine tune animation with Acceleration & Easing.  Working with Pixel Data  CSS and Canvas  Create High-Res, Retina-Display-Ready Media with Canvas  Clipping Canvas drawings & saving them to a file.  When Not to Use Canvas  Fallback Content  Implementing Canvas Security  Ensuring backward compatibility Support of Canvas API to older versions of browsers
Adding Video & Audio to a page  Supported Audio & Video formats  Audio & Video codecs  Loss & Lossless compression  Media specific attributes Vs Global attributes  Deployment challenges on Mobiles  Converting Audio & Video to supported formats using open source & commercial software  Using a Frame grabber  Custom Controls, Seek bar, Progress bar with Javascript & CSS  Applying CSS skins & transforms  Working with multiple tracks, Subtitles & Captions with Captionator, Player & the Lean back Player  Integrating Video with Canvas & SVG  Applying Visual filters using Canvas & SVG  Debugging, Browser support.  Licensing issues.  Ensuring backward compatibility Support of Media API’s to older versions of browsers



Webguru Chhapra gives you advanced html course knowledge, in this course, so that you can make your career f webdesigner .HTML5.0 is one such course which covers computer training from basic to advanced computer operation with desigining practical knowledge on HTML5 and CSS , In this course you used advanced tags of html that are diffrent to old base html.

Webguru Chapra is the best institution in chapra bihar that provide best html5 course to design the web page or website,you take best computer training best web desigining course in this instituation.HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and final major HTML version that is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation.It's a little bit of a cross between regular old cookies and a client-side database. It's better than cookies because it allows for storage across multiple windows, it has better security and performance and data will persist even after the browser is closed

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